Apple Opening FairPlay DRM?

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Breaking news for you guys. The folks at are reporting that Apple will open its FairPlay DRM to companies that are a part of the "Made for iPod" club. If true, this means that you'll be able to play songs you bought on iTunes on certain third party devices like wireless hi-fi systems. The announcement is rumored to be made official by Apple some time this week. A bold move by Apple, but one that could help keep their allies close by and away from temptation.


Apple to Open Up FairPlay DRM [iLounge]


Agreed, uber_fragger.. Apple's DRM scheme has virtually nothing to do with the recording industry since they are starting to allow unprotected MP3's of their artists now. It is completely about Apple locking in their monopoly. Sorry, but Apple will never allow Microsoft and Creative to play Apple DRM music until it is no longer a monopoly. Heck, if Apple is threatening lawsuits against someone for creating an iPhone skin for PDA's, they might sue us for even talking about DRM being available for other MP3 players. Love 'em or hate 'em — Apple loves to sue.