Apple Patent Brings Multi-Size Icons to the Finder

Illustration for article titled Apple Patent Brings Multi-Size Icons to the Finder

Looks like Apple has some hidden tricks up its sleeve for OS X. A recent patent shows how the Mac OS X Finder may one day be able to display different-sized icons. So the bigger the icon, the more important it is in that particular window. (Users will also be able to assign which icons they want displayed larger.) A pretty simple feature, but one that could keep my Luddite relatives from clicking on icons/folders they shouldn't be drilling into in the first place.


Apple's Mac OS X May Gain Multi-Sized Icon Interface [AppleInsider]


I am not certain of the worthiness of the patent (or any patent, for that matter), but I am a big fan of the 'Icon Playground' and will be going there right after work. I hope my good friend Steve J., aka Icon Numero Uno, is there to push me on the swings.