Apple Quietly Releases New iPad Mini 4 and Updates iPad Prices

Right on the heels of today’s iPad Pro announcement, Apple also quickly revealed iPad Mini 4, which has all the power of the iPad Air 2 but in a “mini enclosure.” Although Apple didn’t say, previous rumors suggest this may be the last mini ever.

The new iPad Mini 4, out today, costs $399, weights just 0.65 pounds, and reportedly has the same electronic guts as the iPad Air 2. It’s a big step up from the iPad Mini 2, which is the new entry-level iPad at $269.


The new Mini 4 is the same price as iPad Air, and iPad Air 2 costs $499, while the newly announced Pro starts at $799.

Rumors flew prior to today’s event about a possibly new iPad Mini: an even thinner one with an A8 or A9 processor, plus a souped up camera. There was even speculation that the previous iteration, iPad Mini 3, was the end of the iPad Mini line altogether. That’s obviously not the case.

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