Apple Responds to Poor Factory Condtions Accusations

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Apple is playing spin control this week, trying to defuse a story that first appeared in a UK newspaper on Sunday, accusing the computer maker of building its popular iPod under near "slave labor" conditions in China. Reportedly, most of the workers at the factory—which is not owned by Apple—are female, work 15-hour shifts and earn only about $50 a month. Think different, indeed.


Apple's official statement on the matter? The rather uninspiring, "Apple is committed to ensuring that working conditions in our supply chain are safe, workers are treated with respect and dignity, and manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible."

Well, there you have it. Case closed. Apple does no wrong.

Report: 'Apple responds to iPod factory claims' [MacMinute News]



Hey plaaning to go china on 30 september anybody know where the factorys are for apple ipod,sony psp etc any help will be appreciated