Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Others Urge Congress to Free Up Spectrum

Illustration for article titled Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Others Urge Congress to Free Up Spectrum

A band of tech giants, including Apple, Samsung, and Nokia, has sent a letter—yes, a letter!—to Congress, urging it to free more spectrum for mobile data.


The Hill reports that the companies explained to congress that "authorizing new spectrum auctions is timely and relevant" to current debates over the "fiscal cliff". They went on to explain:

"Now is the time to ensure the incentive auctions are as robust and successful as possible at liberating spectrum. We should also turn our collective attention on ways to reap the economic benefits of underutilized federal spectrum assets."

It wasn't just Apple, Samsung and Nokia though: add to that list Intel, RIM, Qualcomm, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, and Ericsson, all of whom are thirsty for spectrum. Clearly, the group don't rate attempts of the scientists and engineers who are trying to solve the problem by advancing technology. Whichever way it happens, let's hope that spectrum doesn't get too clogged, too soon. [The Hill via Verge]



Not auctioning this spectrum would be like a country deciding not to issue permits to drill for oil on public land. It's ridiculous. The spectrum is in demand and the government needs the money. This hurts businesses, consumers, and the government. Certainly the problem can be somewhat alleviated through better signal processing tech, but there is no downside to pursuing both solutions. What's the hold up? Who does the underutilized spectrum benefit?