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Apple Software Roundup: Mac OS X 10.4.4 - More Widgets Mean More Fun + iLife Updates

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Software generally isn t our bag, but if it is Apple related you know we are on it like a fat kid on cake. Here is all of the news about Apple's software.

Today we will be seeing Mac OS X 10.4.4 along with a new Google widget, new front-end address book, ESPN scoreboard, ski information and calendar widgets. This is just adding to Apple's database already containing over 1500 different widgets. The OS X 10.4.4 will be downloadable later today containing the updated widgets.


As rumors predicted, we see a new iLife, version '06. This iLife '06 release is GIANT. Here is a rundown of each application and what is new.

iPhoto 6 will be adding support up to 250,000 photos, include photocasting to share albums with other iPhoto users (similar to an RSS feed), editing in full-screen mode, greeting card/calendar/book creation, one-click enhancements, and integration into photo blogs using iWeb.


iMovie HD 6 will be adding Apple iMovie themes for use in your movies, new video effects, new text and titling effects, new sound effects and audio enhancement tools, sharing clips between multiple iMovie projects, and integration in video podcasts and sharing with iWeb.

iDVD 6 will be adding enhanced Magic iDVD for creating complete DVDs, creating widescreen DVDs, 10 new themes, one-click autofill drop zones, enhanced map view editing, and more support for third-party DVD burners.

GarageBand 3 will be adding a ton of podcast support with the new Podcast Studio mode and publishing via iWeb, radio-style sound effects and jingles, iChat interview integration, and iMovie integration for movie scores.

iWeb is a new application that will allow you to create beautiful websites and blogs, then publish them online. It comes with 12 professionally-designed themes, allows adding of movies, photos and music with the iLife Media Browser, easy blogging features, and podcast publication.


iWork '06 will be adding 3D charts, advanced image editing, image reflections, masking, tables with calculations, new themes, and new templates. It will be available for $79 later today, also with new Mac purchases including a demo.