Apple has graciously decided to step away from its campaign to force bloggers to reveal sources of leaked information about secret products. Even though the first trial of this case was decided in favor of Apple, the Electronic Frontier Foundation challenged that decision in an appeals court, which ruled that the Cupertino Fruit Company couldn't force the blogging journalists to rat on that Apple employee who squealed about a secret digital music project Apple called "Asteroid."

For some reason, the headstrong and secret-obsessed Apple "thought police" decided to let that appeals court decision stand. So what do you know? Bloggers now have the same rights as traditional reporters when it comes to protecting valuable sources of secret information. Hee haa! Sure, when you get a new hammer, everything starts looking like a nail, but we promise to use these newly-confirmed First Amendment rights wisely.


Apple Won't Pursue Source of Leak [San Francisco Chronicle]

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