Apple Touchscreen Forthcoming?

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More speculation is floating around about Apple's answer to Origami, where CNet goes over the latest patent filings by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office for touch-sensitive screens, citing around seven patents filed by Apple so far.


Perhaps the most provocative educated guess by the reporter is his Fox News-like reach about how some expect to see two versions of the next video iPod, where the story goes that while one upcoming iPod keeps that 60GB spinning drive, another more-svelte model is all-solid-state with one or two 8GB or even 12GB flash cards on board. Knowing the sweep of history so far, we don't think that reporter had to reach that far to figure that one out.

If Apple plans to go through with its recent patent applications, the article cites that there will indeed be a tablet from Apple that will answer Origami, and it will integrate with iTunes with music and video, too. Well, duh. We think there's got to be a touchscreen click wheel in Apple's future, and it will just be a matter of time before we see it.

Advertisement Will Apple make a touch-screen iPod? [CNet]

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