AppleBerry Coming Soon (??)

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We're calling bullshit, like we always do when we hear about a hot Apple phone, but go ahead and pee yourself a little: RIM and Apple may be teaming up to create the ultimate in phone email reading machinery.


Don't expect this to be the iPhone we've all been wet-dreaming about. This will probably be a Blackberry with iTunes support, just like the Motorola SUKR. It seems that Apple likes to partner with North American companies on these sorts of things so this bit of rumor and innuendo entirely credible. However, the Blackberry is pretty much a business tool. There's really no reason to dump iTunes on there unless you put a big fat hard drive in there and that would defeat the BlackBerry's central selling point—the size to usability ratio that makes it so good for writing email.

We shall see, I suppose.

AppleBerry might be the next big thing [GlobeAndMail]

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