Apple's Best of 2011 Picks Are In—and Kinda Weird

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It's about that time of the year that the Best of the Year lists start rolling in, and you realize what a horrible, uncurated existence you've led over the past twelve months. Here's Apple's year in review of the best music, books, apps and everything else in iTunes—and we have no earthly idea where some of these come from.

A lot of the choices are predictable and obvious and right, like Instagram for the best iPhone app or Breaking Bad Season 4 for Best TV Drama. Heck, toss Adele for album of the year in there, too. And hey, Bridesmaids! I loved that movie. But some of the other commendations, especially on the apps side, are pretty darn confusing. Was Snapseed really the best iPad app of the year? And a DJ and recipe app the runners up?

Fine, yeah, I know this is just a content discovery push for the categories that may not have as clear-cut and beloved winners as Instagram. But the camera app for the iPad? Why are you promoting iPad camera use above the zillion other great things the iPad does? Come on, guys. Do you really have to schill so so hard? Do you know how many unsuspecting parents to are going to ruin memories by using it now? Why not just, like, Flipboard or something. [iTunes]