Apple's Bluetooth Magic Desktop Trackpad Clears FCC

Illustration for article titled Apples Bluetooth Magic Desktop Trackpad Clears FCC

The wedge-shaped magic trackpad leaked back in June just got its model number matched up with a device on the FCC site, proving that it's real and it should be coming within a month or so.


The timing of the FCC report is what's interesting, because Apple traditionally files confidentiality requests to keep the existence of their products hidden for as long as possible, so if it's posted on the FCC site now, that means the product is going to be announced soon.


As for the trackpad itself, it seems like a giant multitouch trackpad, and you can imagine all the crazy gestures you can do with multiple fingers (or maybe even multiple hands). It's kind of like having a screenless iPad on your desk. [FCC via Engadget]

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Platypus Man

OK, I know people will rave all day long about Apple's trackpads, but seriously, a desktop trackpad? You have a desk and plenty of room to use a mouse, but you still want to use a trackpad?

I don't care how good it is, that doesn't make much sense. Unless there's something very specialized that I'm just not seeing, I don't know why they're making this.

Well, I know why they're making it — Apple wants to make money and I can't blame them. What I don't get is why people will buy it.