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Apple's First Store in Singapore is Powered by the Sun

Illustration for article titled Apples First Store in Singapore is Powered by the Sun

Despite Singapore having a long and profitable relationship with the iPhone, Apple has never got around to opening a retail store there. All that’s changing with the announcement of a new store, and a network of solar panels to power it.


Apple has confirmed that a new store is opening in the city, although the date and location are still unknown. What is known is how all those pretty demonstration iPhones will be powered: Apple has struck a deal with Sunseap to put solar panels on 800 buildings across the city.

That should be enough to supply 50 megawatts of power, while Apple’s operations will only need a projected 33, leaving 17 megawatts of guilt-free electricity up for grabs.



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without batteries you’ll need an alternative power source after dark