Apple's Going to Have to Pay All of Samsung's Legal Fees Because It Didn't Apologize Well Enough

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And Apple's apology to Samsung as order by the UK court just got even messier. After posting an apology they had to rewrite, and then pushing the rewritten one down the page with Javascript, a UK court has ordered Apple to pay Samsung's legal fees in full to even things out.


The Court of Appeal of England and Wales has ordered Apple to pay Samsung's legal fees on an "indemnity basis," saying that Apple's initial apology was "false and misleading" by virtue of referring to other cases outside of the UK (which Apple had won) to spin the whole thing in a sort of positive way. Typically losers already have to pay for the court costs of the winner in the UK, but this ruling takes that to the fullest extent of the law by basically extending it to cover every nickel and dime. It's intended to serve as a little punishment to Apple for being rather snide about the whole thing. This should bring the whole saga to a close. Hopefully. [Groklaw via The Verge]

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Sounds to me like the judge is a little spoiled brat with a Napoleon complex.