Apple's Incredible Post-PC Chip-Engineering Army

Illustration for article titled Apple's Incredible Post-PC Chip-Engineering Army

Sometimes it seems like Apple's using tech from the future, and apparently Cupertino has an army of 1,000 engineers working on future post-PC chips to keep it that way.


According to TechCrunch, that represents 5 percent of Apple's entire non-retail workforce. Crazy. But also brilliant. Apple was one of the first to start moving to flash memory for non-phone devices, and that helped them modernize form factor as we know it right now. But also, the every-last-drop graphical performance of the A5, and future chips, presumably, allows Apple to make products that perform well with lesser specs than competitors, such as the rumored 512 RAM in the iPhone 4S.

So yeah, we knew that moving us past the PC era is a huge priority for Apple, but dedicating this many employees to pushing its mobile, tablet, and whatever untold new frontiers might be out there forward shows just how serious they are. [TechCrunch]



Don't you mean the post-Mac era?