The new iCloud is now available for everybody and brings brand new Notes and Reminders apps along with updated versions of Mail, Calendar and Find My iPhone. Every app looks a lot better and more consistent. Here's what's new.

When you sign onto iCloud, you're shown seven icons on the home page: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone, iWork, Notes and Reminders. Tapping an icon, launches the app and the app goes "full screen" (as full screen as your browser allows it to). The iCloud app syncs and everything you have on your iPhone or iPad should appear on the iCloud website. Here's what Reminders looks like:


And courtesy of The Next Web, here's what Mail now looks like. Note the obvious iPad influence:

The compose mail screen opens in another window.

In all, the changes create a more coherent 'iCloud' look from platform to platform. Take a spin for yourself at iCloud. [iCloud via TNW]