Applications Disappearing From Android Market (Updated)

Somethings amiss in Android Market and it's not good. According to a few Android developers, applications are disappearing from Android market and the issue is affecting phones that have recently been updated with bug fixes and/or new features, namely the Android phones you care about: Evo, Droid, and Droid Incredible. The problem seems to begin with developers sending updated applications to the Market and it ending with the application disappearing. Before we all get riled up, this is probably only a temporary bug and not the genocide of the Android Market you were hoping for. We'll send word to Google to see what's the matter. [ReadWriteWeb]

UPDATE: Google says the problem is fixed and apologizes for ignoring developers.

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Odd. I ran the RUU for the "official" release of 2.1 for my Eris last night, replacing the v2 leak I'd been running for a month or so, and when i went to the market, a bunch of my most-used apps weren't coming up when i searched for them. Rebooted the phone and tried again this morning, and they were all there.

No idea if this is related or not (probably not), but its nice to see my little underpowered android baby shared some characteristics with it's big brothers for a short time, even if the similarities were limited to market bugs :)