If you're planning on a long distance ski trip or a mountain climb this winter, check out Ardica's new power and heat platform for outerwear. Not only will Ardica-enabled jackets charge your gadgets (up to 11 full charges on your cellphone and 20 on your iPod), it'll also keep you nice and warm for either nine hours on low heat or three hours on high. If you'll be in the cold for even longer than that, just bring along a second battery. Jackets are being made by a few great companies, but particularly great news is that Mountain Hardware is selling one of these. Hopefully in GoreTex so you don't get wet and shocked with 10 watts worth of zap. (Ardica writes to say they've gone to great lengths to make the battery and kit water resistant. That makes sense, but I can't imagine they'd agree it's appropriate for lake and river activities during the fall.) Each rechargeable Ardica battery weighs roughly half a pound and takes three hours to fully juice up, or 1.5 hours to get to 80 percent capacity. With 10 watts of power output, you'll be able to energize most of your smaller consumer products—cellphones, GPS systems and mp3 players—on the go. Price is about $35 to $50 added to the cost of the outerwear.

What Ardica has developed the world’s first fully functional, lightweight, portable personal power and heating system that can be easily integrated into apparel and other consumer products. Using lithium-ion technologies, Ardica’s patented system can provide up to 25 watts of power and 100 degrees of heat in a compact, body hugging and flexible design that weighs less than 1 pound. Ardica’s interchangeable, advanced technology also provides a pack with extraordinary energy density to accommodate the most demanding existing and emerging consumer power needs. Lithium-Ion Pack Ardica’s proprietary flat, flexible and comfortable battery system is in a planar array, which features long-lasting rechargeable cells that have an imbedded controlling microprocessor to monitor and control the power and heat source. *Photo – individual battery system cell Moshi Power System Ardica’s proprietary power system, incorporating the above lithium-ion pack, is designed to be easily integrated into outerwear, backpacks or briefcases. Each system includes the rechargeable lithium-ion battery power system, micro-controller and wall cube charger. A technology connector kit is also available which comes with a backpack cable and a three-in-one connector for both running and charging various consumer electronics. Weight: 295 grams Stored energy: 39-watt hours Charge time: Full charge- 3.0 hours Quick charge (80 percent capacity) - 1.5 hours HEAT OUTPUT: High setting run time: 3.0 hours Low setting run time: 8.6 hours *Provides heat up to 100 degrees Power output 10 watts (sufficient to run cell phones, iPods, GPS, lights and other consumer products for approximately one half their usual run time.) Charging Capabilities: Cell phone: 11 charges IPod, GPS, mp3 players: 20 charges Why In response to a new era marked by extraordinary technological advances, improved cell phone and internet connectivity and increased travel to the world’s ski resorts and sporting events, Ardica has answered the call for portable, personal power and heating systems that are lightweight, interchangeable, versatile and ultimately efficient. With over 60 percent of US and European citizens using personal electronics and cell phones each day and an increasing number of people (sportsmen, adventurers, workers) wanting to take their electronic gadgets with them while simultaneously having personal heating on demand, Ardica has delivered the holy grail of outdoor and mobility gear. Consumers can now remain warm and electronically empowered wherever they are and no longer have to rely on electrical outlets in coffee shops, airports or offices in order to operate their electronic devices. Workers making a living in some of the most extreme environments on earth can now rest assured that they have the tools they need to maximize their enjoyment and efficiency. Cost Ardica Enabled outerwear, featuring heat and power systems, will add $35-$50 onto the retail price of the garment. The personal power components, which will be purchased separately through Ardica’s website will retail for $145. The Technology Connector, which includes charger tips for various types of cell phones and other electronic devices and a backpack cable, will also be available.