Are Xbox 360s Interfering with 2.4GHz?

According to the IT staff at Morrisville State College, Microsoft's Xbox 360 console—without the use of a Wi-Fi adapter—seems to be interfering with 2.4GHz signals like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on campus. Aside from loads of anecdotal evidence of computers not connecting to the school's wireless LAN network and Bluetooth headsets needing to physically touch phones to pair, they started analyzing the 2.4GHz spectrum and made an interesting finding.

When studying the signal in problem areas, they noticed a peculiar, strong signal that jumped all over the 2.4GHz band...that their diagnostic software labeled as "unknown emitter."

When they plugged in an Xbox 360 in a free area, the IT staff was able to re-create the signal. They believe that the interference is coming from Microsoft's proprietary wireless standard that they use for the 360's wireless controllers. While it's similar to Bluetooth, they designed a system that could be closed to third parties...that may now be making other third parties suffer.


Personally, while I've never had problems with my Wi-Fi, the 360 doesn't get along with my wireless surround sound headphones as the PS3. I couldn't figure out why this was happening, but chalked it up to my own network idiosyncrasies. Anyone out there have similar problems? [pcworld]

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