Army Helmet-Mounted Radar Will Give Soldiers Eyes In the Back Of Their Heads

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The military is developing a miniature helmet-mounted radar system (HMRS) that will alert soldiers to any threats that might be sneaking up on them within a 80 foot radius. Although, brain tumors are sneakier than ninjas flying in stealth bombers.

Supposedly, the radar will be able to see through fog and dust—even walls. It's also compact enough to be practical—no more than 2.5 pounds with less than a pound of hardware actually mounted to the helmet. Sounds like an awesome tool to keep our soldiers safe, but there are a few problems that would need to be addressed. Outside of possible health issues, the radar helmet would need to be able to distinguish enemies from friends and woodland creatures. Plus, the power supply feeding the device would need to be compact and powerful. That's easier said than done of course, so I wouldn't expect this technology to see action anytime soon. [Danger Room Image via Flickr]