Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Good Commentary (and Continues to Make DVDs Relevant)

There are two theories at work here. A) Arnold doesn't quite understand what the purpose of a commentary track is, or B) He is actually narrating Total Recall for blind people. Either way, it's friggin' hilarious. (very slightly NSFW)

Reddit member ropeyhodges seems to have first scooped this one, and I've gotta say, this is something I really miss about DVDs. I'd say about 90% of the movies I watch at home these days are streamed. Streaming movies are fantastically convenient, but we lose something that was one of the first big advantages DVDs had over VHS tapes: extras. I love extras. In a streaming-only world, the commentary you hear in the video above would never exist, and that, my friends, would be a tragedy.

Here, Netflix, I'm going to save your company for you. Figure out how to get all of the extras from DVDs into your service, and people miiiiight just stick around. I want, nay need, the outtakes and deleted scenes from Bridesmaids. Who doesn't? When you know that funny is out there, existing in another form, but you can't get it, you feel like you're getting robbed.

Thanks for the reminder, Arnie, ya big weirdo. [Reddit via The Daily What]

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