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Art That Shows The Mind-Blowing Vastness Of Space

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This digital science fiction art by German creator Tobias Roetsch, aka Taenaron, is so mind-blowingly vivid, it feels like a matte painting from the space opera movie of your dreams. In a new interview, Roetsch explains his visions of space.

Talking to Richworks, Roesch explains:

All those elements are basically done in photoshop. For planets it is better to use a 3D program (if you are not going to paint the whole planet but are going to work with textures). The reason why I decided for this genre is pretty simple. Like I already told you, I'm a huge fan of Star Trek / Star Wars. There is so much beauty out in space and only your own imagination sets a limit. I'm using so many apocalyptic scenes because I'm also fascinated by the power such events are releasing. Ignore the fact, nuclear bombs are the most powerful weapons on our planet and look at them from the artistic side and you'll immediately discover beauty in there (google an image for french nuclear test 1970). I simply want to copy some of this beauty into my pictures and, with some images, also want to remind people on the fact that we are one of the smallest things in this universe.

Mission accomplished.

Tons more art at the links. [Taenaron on Deviant Art via Richworks]