Artist Draws New Variant Invincible Iron Man Art to Replace Controversial Pulled Cover

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Last month, Marvel Comics came under fire for a variant cover for the debut issue of Riri Williams in Invicible Iron Man by J. Scott Campbell, one decried for heavily sexualizing the 15-year-old hero. The company rapidly pulled the cover from solicits with no replacement—but Campbell drew a new cover that will now take its place.

Initially, Campbell’s reaction to the furore about his variant cover for Midtown Comics was one of dismissal—but last week, the artist shared a new sketch of Riri on social media he titled “Riri Redux,” depicting the young girl working on her Ironheart armor rather than posing like she’s the subject of pin-up art.


Campbell clarified that the work wasn’t done at the behest of Marvel or Midtown, or really as a response to the controversy over his previous cover, but simply because he wanted to do it. But now the artwork will be the official Midtown Comics variant for Invincible Iron Man #2, after the store and Marvel reached out to Campbell to purchase the cover:


It’s a gorgeous cover that’s much more befitting of the character—and it’s great to see this story surrounding this cover have a happy ending. Campbell’s Invincible Iron Man #2 cover will be available from Midtown Comics next month, but you can pre-order both colored and black-and-white versions from their site right now.