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Artist puts large men in skimpy superheroine costumes, comedy ensues

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's some artwork in the spirit of such projects as Jim Hines' fantasy book photoshoot and Wonder Woman's pose being assumed by the rest of the Justice League.


To demonstrate the differences between male and female superhero poses, artist Megan Rosalarian has been dumping meaty men into the tights and bustiers of female superheroes. As Rosalarian explains, the whole "female superheroes befuddling bad guys with their wiles" spiel has been run into the ground:

I get that some of these characters are "using their sexuality to blind men so they can attack them," and I bet that could be an effective attack. But there are so many chicks doing this that even the dumbest, most weak-willed superhero/villain is going to catch on eventually.


What's the bold alternative to this played-out strategy? To quote the artist, "SO MUCH BULGING MAN PELVIS!!! For everyone!" That J. Scott Campbell piece at top has certainly become a hydra of codpieces.

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