Artist Recreates His Trip to Tokyo Through 30 Charming Short Animations

Having previously shown us what living in Los Angeles and New York City is like through a series of perfectly-looped GIFs, artist James Curran has now brought Tokyo to life with another adorable collection of animations, this time based on his experiences while living in Japan for a month.


Tokyo Gifathon recreates 30 uniquely Japanese experiences—everything from sumo wrestling, to vending machines, to sushi trains—using a cheery animation style that could make rooting around in a dumpster look like the most fun you could have in Tokyo. Why can’t everyone’s vacation videos be this enjoyable?

[Vimeo via Laughing Squid]


Dragon Skunk

Would this be a Kurzgesagt animation style?
That is if they came up with this style first, the flat lineless geometric primitives.