Ashes to Ashes, a Minimalist Pulp Coffin to Dust...

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These are the most tasteful eco-friendly coffins I've ever seen, and as they're made from recycled paper the earth will be nourished within days. I guess the antithesis of these DanCofs would be wrapping a body in numerous Happy Meals?


Although, according to McDonalds, the body would actually be "mummified" if someone chose to be coated in Happy Meals. Any takers? [DanCof via Inhabitat]


OMG! British Dinosaur!

But, you are still taking up and maintaining huge plots of untree'd land. With embalmed corpses spitting out harmful chemicals. I think PERSONALLY (warning: opinion) that burial is one of the most if not THE MOST selfish act you could possibly do in your life (death). What a waste of space and resources.

Burial at sea is the "greenest" way I could think of to go. But, I think I would have to go out to international waters. I don't think they let people just dump their loved ones in the ocean in America.

Ohhhh.... it looks like I can. Sweet. I wouldn't if I can avoid the embalming process too?