Ashley Madison Built an App Called "What's Your Wife Worth"

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Another day, another revolting revelation from the Ashley Madison hack. This time, the Daily Dot reports that Ashley Madison executives were excited about an app their team built. It was called “What’s Your Wife Worth,” and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Based on a 2013 email exchange between Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman and Avid Life Media’s VP of creative, Brian Offenheim, the app would let users post pictures of their wives and invite others to rate them—both on a scale of one to 10 and with actual dollar amounts. Offenheim sent some mockups to Biederman, who replied “This is really good.”


Thank God the company abandoned the plan sometime between then and 2014, when an employee told the execs that the app was “horribly developed.” It’s unclear if his use of the word “horribly” referred to the unfinished Android app itself or the terribly misogynistic concept.


See more details on this terrible idea over at the Daily Dot.

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Screenshots via Daily Dot / Ashley Madison

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