The Tripper V is Aska's latest photo storage device, this time using a hard drive as its medium. (Its previous Tripper, the Tripper Light, was just a glorified card reader.) The V combines either a 40GB, 80GB or 160GB hard drive with a 4.3-inch screen to let digital camera hounds both store and inordinate amount of photos (after transferring them from a memory card, natch) and then view them, show them off to friends, etc. I guess if the Tripper Light was a glorified card reader, the V is a glorified hard drive. It does play back MPEG-4 files, so it's not wholly limited to showing photos from your trip to Warsaw.


The 40GB model is a limited edition, so you'd better hop on a plane to Japan now if you want to grab one. Alternatively, if you want to accomplish the same thing, you could just hook up that iPod of yours to the camera connector.

Aska Tripper V series HDD photo storage device []

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