Assembling a huge Cat 797 dump truck is like building a mechanical giant

The CAT 797 mining truck is one of the largest haul trucks in the world and putting one together requires giant machinery that makes the truck look like a humungous Transformer or starship or alien planet station or mech or anything that’s comically oversized being built.

The skeleton build out is cool to see that sci-fi blu from the robots but once they attach the truck bed is when things get really, really big.


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Some stats:

560,000 lbs empty

1,280,000 lbs (almost) fully loaded

12,170 pound-feet of torque available from the 117-liter, V-24, quad-turbo diesel

850- or optional 1800-gallon tank

Each tire stands 12 feet 10 inches tall and weighs more than 10,000 pounds

Top Speed: 40 mph

Cost: $3.4 million