Astak's Mentor E-Book Reader Priced Below $200

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The e-book reader battle has taken the inevitable turn towards the competitive pricing front with the announcement that Astak is releasing the "Mentor" reader priced under $200 for the base 5-inch model. There will also be a 6 and a 9.7-inch version, but all will include 128MB RAM (expandable to 4GB with SD card), a stylus touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , an MP3 player and a Linux or Windows CE based OS.


However, it appears that many of these features are only standard on the $350 9.7-inch monitor, so one would have to question if those additions would jack up the $200 price tag on the base model. Even if the $200 price tag held firm, there will probably be a cheaper version from another company right around the corner, so you may want to hold off a bit as the battle heats up. The Mentor e-books are expected to roll out gradually between June and October of this year. [Astak via Crave via Uberreview]


I have an iRex iLiad with an 8.1 inch e-ink display.


I haven't read a paper book in ages. The screen is great and it also has a Wacom Penabled screen, so I can take notes at meetings, do crosswords and Sudoku, etc. The downside is that it's expensive. The iLiad is $699, while the iLiad Book Edition (no WiFi) is $599. For me, it was worth every penny. I use it for work and pleasure. I have work reference materials on it (mostly pdf files), take notes at meetings, read stuff on planes and more. Another nice feature of the iLiad is that it is Linux based and relatively open for development. Many programs have been ported to run on it.