Astak's Mentor E-Book Reader Priced Below $200

The e-book reader battle has taken the inevitable turn towards the competitive pricing front with the announcement that Astak is releasing the "Mentor" reader priced under $200 for the base 5-inch model. There will also be a 6 and a 9.7-inch version, but all will include 128MB RAM (expandable to 4GB with SD card), a stylus touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , an MP3 player and a Linux or Windows CE based OS.

However, it appears that many of these features are only standard on the $350 9.7-inch monitor, so one would have to question if those additions would jack up the $200 price tag on the base model. Even if the $200 price tag held firm, there will probably be a cheaper version from another company right around the corner, so you may want to hold off a bit as the battle heats up. The Mentor e-books are expected to roll out gradually between June and October of this year. [Astak via Crave via Uberreview]


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