Astro Ranch is iPhone's Animal Crossing/Harvest Moon-Like Game

Illustration for article titled Astro Ranch is iPhones Animal Crossing/Harvest Moon-Like Game

Pocket Gamer has the scoop on an upcoming iPhone game called Astro Ranch that's half Harvest Moon, half Animal Crossing-both games that require you to manage different resources on a day-to-day basis. We're not sure what other iPhone tech this would involve other than the panning for gold by shaking the camera like a prospector (and controlling the camera with your finger), but it will have multiplayer abilities insofar as you can exchange items and send presents to your buddies. This might just be the best iPhone game yet when it comes out in March 2009, but at the very least it'll be the best iPhone game that involves simulating a '49er. [Pocket Gamer]

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Games that include shaking your phone are games that include accidentaly dropping youe phone.