Astronaut-History 2048

It looks like we've got another astronomy-themed version of the addictive 2048, this time for astronaut-history of who walked on the moon. With no dead ends, it's less tricky than the stellar nuclear fusion version, but I can't object to anything that honours moon-golf.

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Alan Shepard is a strong contender for my favourite astronaut ever, from his classic pre-launch prayer to not be the one to screw things up, to his impudent moon-golfing where an awkward slice still sends a golf-ball flying. Even so, with no dead-end astronaut-combination like in that dratted Magnesium in the stellar processes theme of the same game, I'm left insufficiently thrilled to play long enough to find out what the level-11 tile is. Jump in with your own screenshots when you make it farther than me!

For the history-junkies, pop quiz time! How many of the tiles do you recognize? Who are these moonwalkers? And, if you play the game, why does it make sense to put them in the particular "This leads to this leads to this" sequence?

Game by Deep SkyVideos. Tip via Amy Shira Teitel


What am I missing? There's sixteen tiles, when there should only be 12, and most of them are repeats.

Going left to right, top to bottom: Neil Armstrong, Blank tile, Pete Conrad (A12 CMD), Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean (A12 LMP), Buzz, Buzz, Neil, Pete, Alan, Edgar Mitchell (A14 LMP), Pete, Neil, Alan Shepard (A14 CMD), David Scott (A15 CMD) and Edgar again