ASUS' EeePad Ready For July Launch

Illustration for article titled ASUS' EeePad Ready For July Launch

EeePad is go, according to ASUS' Chairman Jerry Shen, who will be showing it off this June at Computex as planned. However, a launch date has also been mentioned by the Taiwanese—an early-sounding late July.


It's bound to be dirt-cheap which is why it's of interest in this every-CEO-and-his-dog time, though Digitimes is reporting the Taiwan price will be NT$15,000 - $16,000, which is $475 - $505, which doesn't sound quite right when the iPad and other tablets are sub-$500.

As for the full specs, it's anyone's guess—though we do know they've craftily added USB ports, a webcam and Adobe Flash to the Tegra-chip tablet. [Digitimes]



I love those ASUS products, they're are best seller at the store I work for, but I sincerely hope they didn't forget the multi-touch.