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It's probably not going to take the desktop world by storm like the Eee has with notebooks—cause it's not $400 for one—but Asus's Nova P22 mini-PC certainly isn't a bad looking machine. It's got a form factor sorta like the Mac mini but it's more angular and less curvy, with a Sunkist accent wrapped around it.

So far what we know about what's inside is that it's got a 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 with a 1066-MHz front side bus. It'll go for about $1019 in Taiwan, though no word on if, when and how much on our side of the ocean. Given the popularity of the Eee, Asus would be smart to capitalize on the brand name Eee's been building for it outside of geek circles and get that sucker over here. But for cheaper. [Electronista, The Inquirer]