It's been a long road for Toy fans looking to get a Peter Capaldi for their desk. We had the tiny figure that looked bad both in publicity stills and in hand - but now it looks like we might just have a shot at a decent Twelfth Doctor figure, in the form of this 1:6 toy from Big Chief Studios.

The sixth scale figure is the latest of many in Big Chief's Doctor Who line, and won't be available for a while yet, but preorders for the 1000-figure run went live last night. Twelve comes with a display stand as well as multiple hands and several other accessories, including two Sonic Screwdrivers (of course), the psychic paper, a yo-yo, a spoon and duelling glove from Robot of Sherwood, The Doctor's cigarette case of jelly babies from Mummy on The Orient Express and the Siege mode TARDIS from Flatline. But what is even better is the bonus you get for ordering directly through Big Chief's website:


It's the shrunken TARDIS! It's in scale to its appearance in Flatline, but even better is that you can either place an insert of The Doctor's face into it, like he's peering out from the inside, or use an included peg to attach one of the spare hands that comes with the toy, to recreate The Doctor's 'Thing' moment where he crawls the tiny TARDIS out of the way of an oncoming train. That's a pretty awesome bonus right there.

Big Chief's 1:6 12th Doctor will be out sometime next year, and will set you back £170 (or $220 to US customers because of no VAT charges). If you're interested, you can preorder it from Big Chief's website here.

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