At Last, a Kung Fu Robot Movie

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There's never been a kung fu robot movie, which is basically a crime against culture. Luckily Chinese director Jeffrey Lau is about to deal out justice with his upcoming movie about cyborg kung fu masters.

Lau, pictured here with stars Sun Li and Hu Jun (center), has directed a number of other science fiction and fantasy movies, most recently A Chinese Tall Story. At a press conference in China last week, he said that he was motivated to work on the as-yet-untitled kung fu robot movie after seeing Transformers and realizing there were no robot movies that were distinctly Asian. (I'd nominate Giant Robot, but maybe he meant Chinese movies.)

The movie will be epic, with elements of humor and romance as well as robot-on-robot action. It takes place in a future world where robots are at war with each other. Hu Jun plays a police officer who becomes a cyborg, and his head can apparently turn into some kind of helicopter - which sounds completely awesome. Sun Li plays a woman in love with a cyborg, which she described as very moving, but more difficult than your standard romance role.


Hottie Wu Jing plays an android gone bad, who has amazing martial arts skills and wields a giant blade. Lau promises that Jing's character will be unlike anything you've seen before: An android who thinks like a human, has Chinese kung fu skills, and eventually struggles with a crisis of conscience. Several of the robots can change form, like Transformers, and this will be key to the final, epic fight scene - which apparently makes reference to Bruce Lee.

OK, so we've got kung fu, Bruce Lee, cyborgs, androids who can transform their shapes, human-robot love, and fight scenes. All this movie needs is a giant monster and I can die the happiest geek in the world. The movie is slated for a summer 2009 release in Asia, and hopefully us poor sods over in the States and Europe will get to see it sometime next year too.


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