Illustration for article titled ATT iPhone 5 Will Keep Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans, Verizon Says No

So you're wondering how your data is going to work on your 4G LTE iPhone. There's good news and bad news, depending on your carrier—if you're grandfathered into unlimited data, AT&T will let you keep it. Verizon? Not so much.


AT&T confirmed today that you can keep your old as balls $30 data plan. While it's not technically unlimited (it comes down to 5GB, after which your data is throttled), it's a pretty good deal. But according to CNET, Verizon is going to present you with the Sophie's Choice of smartphones—unlimited data or a subsidized phone, but you can't have both. Verizon is going to transition everyone to its tiered model, unless of course you want to pay full price for your phone. Meanwhile, Sprint's over in the corner saying hey guys I have unlimited data! Can it, Sprint, no one cares. [CNET, AT&T via @mattbuchanan]


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