AT&T Mobility CEO: $299 Vu, $15 Mobile TV and Sprint Sucks

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Even though AT&T they played coy on pricing for the LG Vu with its original announcement, AT&T Mobility's CEO just revealed that the LG Vu is going to run $299—same as Sprint's Instinct. Its mobile TV service which impressed us with its slick interface and high quality streams, is gonna run $15 a month.


Speaking of Sprint, when asked why they only revealed a new all-you-can-eat subscription after Verizon did—and not Sprint—he replied that Verizon is a "high quality" player, number 2 in the marketplace, and they didn't want to give them any edge. Translation? Sprint is a non-player to AT&T. What about WiMax? Ralph is "not too worried about the threat from WiMax." Poor Sprint, they just can't catch a break. [Giz @ CTIA]


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Dammit, I need a new phone but I can't seem to find any good ones from here the States or from across the pond. I have a Windows devices and I hate it. I've been looking at the N95 but it doesn't have touch screen and its a lil over priced. Sony Ericsson P1, I looks a little tempting but I don't know. Does anybody know of any good phones that have a widely available OS where there is 3rd party software made for them. I know of Symbian, Windows, Palm and Linux. Any other ones? I need help finding one!