AT&T Now $99 for Unlimited Voice and $35 For Unlimited Data

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AT&T's responding to Verizon's Unlimited calling and data contracts with a $99 all you can eat voice plan that can be combo'd up with any data plan. The data plans are a step in the non-evil direction for AT&T: $35 bucks for unlimited connectivity and messaging. An AT&T spokesperson tells us that includes 3G.


That makes it $15 cheaper than Verizon's full everything plan for $149. (Although you can't compare the limited coverage of AT&T's HSPDA with Verizon's EVDO Revision A. Yet.) What else is rad? One Year contract for new subscribers, and no additional contract for existing customers! For those who DL a lot more than they yap, you can get unlimited data plans without signing up for unlimited voice. The plans will be available on 2/22. iPhones aren't legit for these data plans, since they've already their own $20 unlimited data plan, and the pricing doesn't quite fit. More details below:

Also, data cards and tethering limitations:

This new unlimited voice plan has no impact on our existing data plans. Our data plans are unchanged. The only data plans subject to the 5GB limitation are Laptop Connect plans for data cards and tethering plans, where your wireless phone acts as a modem for a laptop.

Unlike Sprint EVDO, AT&T and Verizon have usage caps per month. Could be hard for pros who use their 3G data cards or phones as modems, exclusively.

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AT&T To Launch Unlimited U.S. Calling Plan

12:47 p.m. 02/19/2008

$99.99 Plan Available Feb. 22 for New and Existing Customers

SAN ANTONIO, Feb 19, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ — AT&T Inc. (T) announced today new unlimited voice plans targeted to wireless users who want the predictability of flat rate pricing for unlimited minutes. The plans will be available to new and existing wireless subscribers for $99.99 a month for unlimited U.S. calling on all devices with no domestic roaming or long distance charges. The plans can be combined with any current wireless data plan to give customers the ultimate in wireless freedom.

The new plans, available Feb. 22, can be ordered at one of AT&T's 2,200 company-owned retail stores and kiosks, at, or at one of the thousands of authorized AT&T retail locations. Existing customers can choose unlimited calling without extending their contract. New customers have the option of a month-to-month, 12 or 24 month contract.

As with other voice calling plans, AT&T customers can choose from a variety of data and messaging plans to meet their needs. For example, customers with standard wireless phones* can choose a data plan such as $5 for 200 text, picture, video and instant messages or $35 for unlimited messaging and MEdia Net access.

"We are pleased to offer our customers these great new plans that deliver value and simplified pricing," said Ralph de la Vega, president & CEO, AT&T Mobility. "This is a highly competitive market and we're committed to moving fast to meet customer needs."

AT&T customers benefit from the nation's largest digital voice and data network, with 3G broadband available in more than 260 major metropolitan markets. The company recently announced plans to expand its 3G network to 350 markets, including all of the top 100.

For the complete array of AT&T offerings, visit

* Standard wireless phones do not include smartphones or PDAs or the




How would this work with a family plan for data? Is there a set price for unlimited voice? If possible I would want get unlimited texts and data for an iPhone and LG Shine. Anyone have any clue how that might work? I'm a soon to be Sprint defector.