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AT&T Stores the First to Get Microsoft's Surface Table

Illustration for article titled ATT Stores the First to Get Microsofts Surface Table

It looks like AT&T will be the first retailer to plunk down the coin for Microsoft's fancy-pants Surface table, installing them in its stores on April 17th.


The tables will be set up so that when you place a phone on it, it'll automagically pull up info on that particular model. You'll also be able to buy crap like ringtones, graphics and videos by slapping your phone on it. It's not coming to every AT&T store, however; only residents of NYC, SF, Atlanta and San Antonio will have the privilege of using Microsoft's $10,000 toy to buy that ironic Mister Mister ringtone you've been thinking about getting. [Tech Digest]

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@makanai: The technology is fantastic. However, it seems the way it is being used is kind of, well .. lame. Maybe we just need to see it in person to understand how amazing this technology is being utilized by AT&T. I doubt it, though.