AT&T Wants to Automatically Translate Your Texts From English to Spanish

Illustration for article titled AT&T Wants to Automatically Translate Your Texts From English to Spanish

AT&T is working on a service that will automatically translate text messages from Spanish to English and vice versa, no additional software required. So next time you want to shoot a text to a friend who doesn't speak English all that well, you don't have to worry about anything getting lost in the language barrier.


All you need to do is designate a preferred language for your device and the bilingual system will automatically deliver text messages in the tongue you understand. Right now it only works for Spanish and English, but AT&T is working on technology that would work for six additional languages. It's not entirely perfect—a text might have that awkward robotic grammar of something that's been translated by a machine. But the cool thing is that you wouldn't have to install any extra programs. Your texts will arrive in the language you speak. [Technology Review]



Good luck AT&T. Hope you consider 20+ variations of Spanish (slang). It's not the same for a mexican to a Colombian or Venezuelan for the very same phrase.

"Me quiero comer tu concha" in Mexico is a harmless "I want to eat your piece of bread", other places is "I want to eat your pussy".

"Nos hechamos un palito?" , For a Venezuelan is "Lets have a drink", for mexicans "lets go for a quickie"

And don't let me start with Spaniards, Argentinians and Chileans.