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At This NFL Stadium You Can Watch Replays On Your Phone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When it opens this fall, the New Meadowlands Stadium will be the NFL's most state of the art facility. That means queuing up replays on demand on your smartphone (or just checking how long the concession lines are).

Hoping to keep apace with the sport's increasingly sophisticated television broadcasts, stadium officials have poured some $100 million into technology at New Meadowlands, which will be home to both the New York Jets and Giants come this fall.


That $100 million gets you 2,200 televisions with 48,000 square foot of total screenage—the most of any NFL stadium—including four large screens like the ones seen above. But even more radically, it bought a suite of smartphone apps that will let fans check game statistics, watch video replays, or even monitor live feeds from other games around the country.

If you're a purist who likes to keep your eyes on the field, the apps will also let you check updates in the area around the stadium and, crucially, determine which concession lines are the shortest.


The apps, which were built by Cisco and Verizon, rely on a network of 500 wireless antennas spread throughout the stadium. And while some fans are skeptical of how much they'll use the newfangled offerings, others are already putting smartphones right alongside face paint and nachos as requisite inventory for the NFL stadium experience of tomorrow. [NYT]