Atom-Based Toshiba, Gateway Netbooks Join Growing Pile of Leaked CES Gear

With the Lenovo laptop/netbook CES leak still fresh in our minds, let us consider Toshiba and Gateway this afternoon, and the netbooks we now know they'll be bringing to the show as well:


The netbooks in question here are all based on Intel's N450 "Pine Trail" chip, reports CNET, and were first spotted at Canadian retailer Future Shop. Both are similar in configuration, but not price, with Gateway weighing in at about $285, and the Toshiba at $438. Both models will come standard with 1.66GHz Atom processors, 160GB or 250GB hard disk drives (Gateway and Toshiba, respectively), 10.1-inch screens, 1GB of memory, and Intel's GMA 3150 Express graphics chip. [CNET]

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