Attack On Titan's Colossal Titan, As A Giant Bear Figure

You know, the first thing that pops into my head whenever I think of Attack On Titan and it's giant, humanity-chomping titans, it's "These horrifying monsters really could do with some bear ears". I'm so glad Medicom are here to alleviate this pressing concern.

Not only is this Colossal Titan bearbrick figure sufficiently pants wettingly creepy (those eyes! the mouth! The... well, the everything!), it is also sufficiently ginormous for a product attempting to emulate the biggest of all Titans - the full figure is 70cm tall, or around 27 and a half inches, making it 1000% bigger than a usual Bearbrick figure. That's a lot of extra percents, but then again, it is the Colossal Titan after all.


If you're in Japan you can preorder the figure at Medicom's website for the equally Colossal (man they went all out on the bigness for this thing) price of 34,560 Yen ahead of a May release - or around $287. Titans are just as lethal to your wallet as they are the last remnants of Humanity, it seems.

[Anime News Network]

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