Attention, Artistic Creatures of the Night: You Need a Copy of The Occult Activity Book

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Even if you’re not a practicing witch, warlock, sorcerer, necromancer, or otherwise follower of the dark arts, The Occult Activity Book would be a mighty fine (and fun!) addition to your bookshelf. Adult coloring books are trending hard right now, but this one is spooky and special.

From co-creators S. Elizabeth (the genius behind Heal Yourself, Skeletor, which io9 once correctly dubbed “the internet’s greatest accomplishment”) and Becky Munich, the activity book also features art and words from contributors Carisa Swenson, Dana Glover, EC Steiner, Heather Drain, Jack Shear, Tenebrous Kate, and Laurel Barickman.

Here’s a description of what the book contains; scroll down for more sample pages and info on how to order your copy.

This stunning new Occult Activity book takes the reader on an eerie journey through mysteries of the unknown - the world of witches and their familiars, cinematic themes of necromancy and the black arts, ritual incantations and more.

Find your happy place on the dark side while indulging your inner child: whether you’re soothing your secret demons with the mindful coloring of fiendish illustrations, or summoning them from the depths of hell with a mad-libs inspired wordgame, our Occult Activity book is aimed to disturb and amuse in equal amounts, and is an unnervingly delightful way to explore your favorite esoteric themes in the relative safety of your own home... with little to no consequence!*

*Please note: we cannot be held accountable for consequences.


Immolation, hanging, and dismemberment: not the stuff of ordinary coloring books, that’s for certain! (Its creators make clear their project is for a more mature audience than the usual Crayola crowd, just in case the above sample pages didn’t make that obvious.) Snap up a copy here for just six bucks, or go the distance for the deluxe version, which also includes a couple of small prints and a sticker for your spell book.