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Some of you might recall my recent article about Monster Cable. If you read it through, you'd remember it as the piece that outlined Monster's more credible scientific claims, culminating in my sober recommendation to buy a cheap HDMI cable first, then work your way up. (I got the impression that not all commenters actually read the story.)


Naturally I expected some ranting and raving—in fact, the original title for the piece was "The Truth About Monster Cable, Part I," because I knew there would have to be a follow-up. Well, you've more than demanded it, and in the interest of scientific discovery (not to mention demonstrating to some of you knuckleheads that we are not shills of the Monster corporation), we have expedited delivery of some cables from Monoprice and others, for a full-on technical showdown performed on our terms.

The GIZ Truth: We will not rest until we have judged the practical similarities and differences of $220 cable and $20 cable. This is not merely Monster vs. Monoprice, so much as it is high-priced cable vs. low-priced cable. Those brands will represent their pricing brackets, which I think most would agree is fair.

Let the Battlemodo begin!

Monster Cable Coverage [Gizmodo]


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