Monster PowerNet 1G Is World's Fastest Powerline Adapter

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Powerline network solutions have been getting better and better, with Belkin's Powerline HD claiming the current speed title—and Monster is now claiming the top of the line.


When it works (and that's not necessarily something you should assume), power line communication basically lets you use your home's electrical system as a wired network, which is a way better option than scrabbling around in walls trying to get ethernet to every room. The problem is speed—even the best powerline adapters can't reach standard ethernet speeds. The PowerNet 1G uses the AMD Atheros AR7400 chipset at 500Mbps, which is indeed about 2.5x faster than the typical 200Mbps adapters on the market today (though in sheer muscle, not as fast as the Powerline HD—but those numbers don't mean a ton in the real world).

I didn't get a chance to test out the PowerNet 1G, (release date is still to be decided) but those are some pretty bold claims. We'll see if they can deliver. It'll cost $300 upon release. [Monster]


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