What's Darth Vader Got Planned For CES?

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Well this is maybe something! We've gotten word of a Star Wars-related announcement coming to CES on Thursday. Stormtroopers! Darth Vader himself! All wrapped up in some sort of announcement that's not so very far, far away.


The official lingo:

The Empire is headed to Vegas, baby. Darth Vader, accompanied by a legion of his finest Imperial troops, will address emissaries from "a galaxy far, far away" for a most impressive announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show - Thursday, January 6th at 11:30 AM PST Panasonic Booth #9408.

Be prepared… The Force is strong with this one.

Let the wild speculation begin! I would say "novelty USB drives," but that's been done.



Darth Vader: It was I, Lord Vader, who obtained all of your most confidential info for wikileaks.

Reporter: Lord Vader, why are you wearing a cape. It serves no purpose.

Darth Vader: Did you not just hear what I said?

2nd Reporter: Are you wearing Jeggings?

Darth Vader: (pause) Yes, okay. It's the style. Regular jeans look too sloppy. It's the style but can we stick to the issue here.