Audi-Designed Grand Piano Is Unsurprisingly Carlike

Or maybe it's just that cars and pianos are inherently similar: They both have pedals, hood-ish mechanisms, make noise, and sit users at some manner of control panel. If that didn't blow your mind, then, well, you probably understand art.

The Audi Design Team collaborated with piano maker Bosendorfer to construct this grand piano, which was commissioned to celebrate Audi's centennial.


Here is their philosophy:

Generous surface areas ensure formal clarity; there are no decorative applications, the edges and lines are sharply drawn, the joints logically positioned. All these are important aspects of the Audi design.

And coincidentally, none are important aspects of piano design. But that's not the point, I suppose. The piano—brushed aluminum pedals, hood-prop-esque stand, wraparound body and all—will be debuted at the July 16th Audi Forum in Ingolstadt, Germany, and is (probably symbolically) priced at around $140,000. $140,000. [Autoevolution via Newlaunches]

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