Augmented Reality Goofiness Thanks to Avatar and Coke

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There's just no escaping the Avatar marketing machine. Special bottle-shaped Coke Zero cans will soon hit the streets, and when held up to your Webcam, they'll make a controllable helicopter appear on screen. Take a look.

And McDonald's is getting in on the action, too. It'll have special cards that bring up a controllable mechanical toy when you hold it up to your Webcam and visit an Avatar-branded site. Goofy yes, but definitely better than Best Buy's augmented reality efforts. [Variety via DVICE]

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Here's the thing. I really, really wanted Avatar to be amazing. I really did. But from everything I've seen, it looks really bad. Like, a top-10 list of Sci-Fi clichés mixed with Ferngully. I really hope I'm wrong and the movie somehow recoups its $200+ million budget, but at this point I just don't see it.