Australian Batman has a Street-Legal Batmobile to cheer sick Kids up

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First we had Japanese Batman, prowling the streets of Chiba to cheer his fellow citizens up - and now the International League of Batmen has expanded southwards to Australia thanks to the awesome work of one man and his customised Batmobile.

Unlike Chibatman, Australia's Dark Knight has revealed his identity to the public - he's Zac Mihajlovic of Camden, Australia. Zac spent two years building his own roadworthy incarnation of the Batmobile from Tim Burton's 1989 movie with the help of his Grandfather. It's an impressive build, not just from the dedication but the fact that it even uses parts from the original vehicle built for the film - including the afterburner designed especially for it!

Although he's had many offers from people looking to buy the vehicle, Zac instead partnered up with the Make-A-Wish foundation to drive around dressed as the Caped Crusader and visit sick kids, offering them the once-in-a-lifetime chance to have a ride around in the Batmobile. How cool is that!? Zac is truly the hero we deserve.



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I like how he chose helping kids rather than a more lucrative occupations like offering a one-of-a-kind limo service on weekends for weddings and proms.

I also like that, by choosing to help kids, he is pretty much saying f you to any attempt to use copyright laws against him. Sure, WB could sue him (I think?) but they won't, because what company wants "Sues Make-A-Wish volunteer" as PR?